Fun Dental Facts – Did You Know?

Posted October 13th, 2018

Dentistry is serious medicine, and daily oral hygiene is a top priority. But teeth can be pretty fun, too – not to mention fascinating. For starters, have you ever seen the full sets of baby teeth and adult teeth present

Did George Washington Really Have Wooden Teeth?

Posted September 27th, 2018

When he became the first president of the United States, George Washington had only one real tooth left! You heard right—just ONE. Everyone has heard something about this great man and his dental history, but if you heard that Washington

A Guide to Cavity Prevention

Posted September 13th, 2018

Imagine this – you have come to see Dr. Gordon for a cleaning and routine check-up. The cleaning goes well, but then Dr. Gordon tells you that you have a cavity. You’ve been dreading the possibility of this news and

How Baby Teeth Help Mouths Grow Up Right

Posted August 27th, 2018

Every parent remembers seeing their baby’s first teeth emerge, watching the rest pop up, and finally cheering as their child loses their first baby tooth, all in the blink of an eye! In fact, baby teeth come and go so

Have You Been Avoiding the Dentist?

Posted August 13th, 2018

We’ve all got our reasons. Money. Time. The fear of pain. Juggling insurance. Facing one more reminder that we really should be flossing more. Any of these might cause us to avoid and put off regular visits to the dentist.

The Tooth About Teeth Grinding

Posted July 27th, 2018

Headaches in St. Augustine are a dime a dozen. We all know the frustration of having your day interrupted by throbbing, shooting pains in the head. If you suffer from frequent headaches that never seem to go away, Dr. Gordon

Smile: It’s Good for You!

Posted July 13th, 2018

Your smile is more powerful than you may know. Scientists have studied many aspects of smiling, such as how it affects your brain, your health, and your overall experience of life. Even the situation you’re in and the people around

Diabetes & Oral Health: What Your Dentist Sees

Posted June 27th, 2018

It’s no secret that diabetes is a health condition that must be treated because of the problems it can cause throughout the body—including your mouth.  Almost 26 million children and adults in the U.S. suffer from diabetes, according to the

To Be or Not to Be Sugar-Free: The Facts About Artificial Sweeteners

Posted June 13th, 2018

Originally created for people unable to consume regular sugars, alternative and artificial sweeteners have become extremely popular in St. Augustine in all kinds of different products. From chewing gum to diet soda, Dr. Gordon wants you to know which of

Lemon Juice – The Good, The Bad, & The Sour

Posted May 27th, 2018

In a great tale of opposites, lemon juice can be both acidic and basic, or alkaline. Read on to find out why people are talking about this, and what it means for your oral and overall health. What Is pH