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Welcome to your new dental home!

Welcome to Gordon Dental Associates, your premier dental care provider in St. Augustine, Florida. Dr. Jeremy Gordon is an approachable guy who just loves to take care of people. He loves his patients and can’t wait to get to know you and your family.

New patients

If it has been a while since you have had a dental checkup, don’t worry. We know it can be nerve-racking to come in after a long time away. Know that we are here for you and provide a judgement-free new patient exam. Because of the connection between our mouth and our body it is so important that you visit. We will take x-rays, clean your teeth and check for gum disease, oral cancer and other abnormalities. You can talk honestly and openly about any concerns or challenges you may have and we will offer nothing but the best care and advice. Dr. Jeremy Gordon can provide such an array of services from Invisalign® to implants, and TMJ treatment to full mouth reconstructions.

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In-office financing

We never want our patients to have to choose between their health and other responsibilities in life, that is why we offer several financial options for patients.


We offer the option to join our in-office dental savings plan. Much like a membership to a grocery store, you pay a monthly fee and receive savings on numerous preventive procedures as well as other savings on elective treatments. With Memberdent you and your doctor decide what treatments you need; not an insurance company. Your benefits start immediately and there are no annual limits.


CareCreditCareCredit® is another convenient financial option to help with expenses. It is a health care credit card, and allows you to pay for any treatment right away and then make convenient monthly payments. CareCredit® helps families afford dental procedures by making monthly payments an option.

We care about your family’s health

At Gordon Dental Associates we offer care for the entire family. Whether you have little ones who have never been to the dentist before, or you are an empty nester ready to treat yourself to some cosmetic procedures. We love the work we do and can’t wait to meet you. Give your St. Augustine dentist, Dr. Gordon at Gordon Dental Associates a call and schedule an appointment today at: (904) 460-0999.