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Unfortunately, we are not apart of any dental savings networks nor a provider for any state funded plans like Medicaid. We do offer a in office membership savings plan. If you have any questions regarding our membership plan give us a call at the office and we would like to help you!

We accept all insurance companies; however, your dental plan may have limitations. If you have a PPO policy, we can bill the out-of-network portion of the benefits and anything not covered by insurance is then the patient’s responsibility. In most cases, your insurance company does not penalize you for going to an out of network office like Gordon Dental Associates. If you have any questions about your policy, we would be happy to do a complimentary benefit check for you!

Dental Implants

Most patients say the removal of the tooth is more uncomfortable than the actual implant placement itself! After this type of dental procedure, most patients can resume normal activities the next day. You will want to follow all post-operative instructions.

After the placement of your implant, most patients can start eating soft foods. Typically, with in 24 hours you can resume eating. Doctor Gordon will share all specific post op instructions after the procedure. When your implant crown is placed you can resume eating as normal.

There are three parts to an implant. There is the actual implant piece (titanium screw), the abutment which is the connecting piece to the third part which is the crown. Once the implant is placed, it needs to heal for 3-4 months before the abutment and crown are made


It is impossible to pinpoint the exact time frame but on average, patients are in treatment for anywhere between 6-18 months. The length of the treatment depends on how much crowding you have, or how many gaps you have. The more crowding, the longer it can take. The bigger the gaps can take longer. With less crowding and gaps the shorter time to wear aligners. 

Traditional braces straighten your teeth by adhering a metal bracket to each tooth which is secured together with a metal wire. Then as the wire is tightened, your teeth move into place. With Invisalign your teeth are straightened by a series of clear plastic aligners that you change out every week. Invisalign is sometimes more favorable due to it being virtually invisible. The trays are worn 22 hours per day, and you do not have to put up with the metal braces. These trays are clear!

Same-Day Dental Crowns

At Gordon Dental we are happy to offer same-day-crowns, also known as a CEREC crown. We know how valuable your time is and whenever possible we utilize our technology to provide your permanent crown in one visit. If you believe you need a crown please give us a call at Gordon Dental Associates, (904) 460-0999.

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