Dental Technology in St. Augustine, FL

Man getting a dental examHigh-tech, high-quality dental care

Our St. Augustine dental team at Gordon Dental Associates is proud to offer our patients the newest and best dental treatments around. Advances in dental technology have increased Dr. Jeremy Gordon’s ability to offer quality and convenient care to his patients. He believes that not all technology is good technology, so is sure to bring in only the best of the best. His ability to treat dental cases quickly, effectively, and sometimes even painlessly is due to his efforts to learn the newest and best techniques paired with the newest and best technology.  Some of the most exciting tech-related services we offer include:


CariFree® is a preventive screening process for dental decay. Instead of waiting for decay to show up, this system allows Dr. Gordon to predict a patient's risk for developing decay in the year ahead. With a series of metrics from a painless bacterial test, Dr. Gordon can effectively counsel or prescribe professional strength products to truly prevent dental decay. It is a cost-saver, time saver, and tooth saver!

Digital X-Rays

Historically x-rays had to be taken and developed in darkrooms. Today Dr. Gordon can take snapshots that are digitally developed in moments and show up right on the computer screen! He can then walk patients through any inconsistencies he may notice. The ability to make x-rays instantly available translates to faster appointments and better inclusion of the patient in the treatment conversation.

Intraoral Camera

It is no surprise being able to view every nook and cranny of the mouth is extremely difficult with just a handheld mirror and x-rays. Because Dr. Gordon never wants to miss even the slightest detail, he uses an intraoral camera to help him see all the hard to reach places of the oral cavity. What is even better, you will be able to watch right along with him on the computer or TV screen. You can take a virtual tour of your mouth to get a better understanding of what the doctor sees.

Image of Cerec Crowns in St. Augustine, FLCEREC®

CEREC has been one of the most valuable additions to the dental office to date. The CEREC CAD/CAM machine allows us to complete restorative procedures like dental crowns in a single appointment – a treatment that used to take at least two visits. The CAD/CAM machine takes digital images of the mouth or area to be treated, then builds and then mills the restoration for immediate placement. The precision of the imagery and the efficiency of the milling allow us to place perfect crowns in a single appointment, saving you valuable time.

We can’t wait to show off some of our newest and best tech toys. They help us provide the best dental care in St. Augustine. Set up an appointment today by calling your St. Augustine dentist, Dr. Gordon at Gordon Dental Associates at (904) 460-0999.