General Dentistry in St. Augustine, FL

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Jeremy Gordon DMD of Gordon Dental Associates has been providing the best dental care to the people of St. Augustine, Florida for years. He and his highly trained team take the needs of their patients seriously, and we are always available to help.

Preventive Exams and General Dentistry

The American Dental Association recommends twice-yearly dental examinations and teeth cleanings. Your St. Augustine dentist agrees with this schedule. If you have oral health conditions, however, we may customize your treatment timeframe to address these issues. 

Our general dentistry is designed to restore your oral health when something goes awry. This can include anything from a dental filling for a cavity to a root canal to treat deep decay and infection. 

Emergency Dental Appointments in St. Augustine

If you find yourself experiencing extreme pain or have an accident that requires urgent care, we are proud to offer emergency dental appointments.  If a tooth is knocked out, make sure you know what to do in order to improve the likelihood of re-implantation by following these tips. 

  • Collect the tooth, taking care not to handle the root
  • Clean the tooth gently under running water
  • Place the tooth back in the socket. If this is not possible, secure the tooth in saliva or a cup of warm water
  • Contact your dentist in St. Augustine as soon as possible. 

We also offer fitting and creation of individualized mouth guards to help prevent accidents from occurring.

Oral Surgery

Dr. Gordon and his team take extra care to ensure your comfort during any surgical procedure. If you require tooth extraction or are a candidate for dental implants, you do not need to be put on a waiting list for an oral surgeon. We can take care of you right here at Gordon Dental Associates.

Affordable Root Canal in St Augustine FLEndodontic Therapy

If we find after our initial exam that you should ever need a root canal or other type of endodontic procedure, your family dentist can take care of you in the comfort of your dental home. We make sure you are comfortable and relaxed during your procedure.

Oral Cancer Screening

Approximately 48,250 Americans will be diagnosed with oral cancer this year. There is a high incidence of death with oral cancers due to late-stage diagnosis. That is why at Gordon Dental Associates we take our role as oral health specialists seriously. We provide regular oral cancer screenings to our patients. If you notice any signs or symptoms listed below, please come in and let us take a look.

Signs and symptoms of oral cancer

  • Lump or mass which can be felt inside the mouth or neck
  • Pain or difficulty swallowing, speaking, or chewing
  • Wart-like mass
  • Persistent hoarseness
  • Numbness in the mouth or face
  • Persistent earache

We provide these convenient services as well as cosmetic dentistry, Invisalign®, and restorative dentistry needs. Give us a call today and schedule an appointment to see what we can do for you and your family: (904) 460-0999.