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The Top 4 Benefits of Invisalign®

October 10, 2022
Posted By: Gordon Dental Associates
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A crooked smile may bother you when you look in the mirror, but you may still hesitate to seek out orthodontic treatments because the traditional option doesn't look much better. Metal braces work via unsightly brackets and sharp wires that are impossible to hide. But you now have an alternative in the form of clear aligners like those offered by Invisalign®.

At Gordon Dental Associates, we are a family dentist practice proud to offer Invisalign in St. Augustine. We recommend this option over conventional braces for numerous reasons. Here are the top four benefits of Invisalign over the traditional route.

Easier and Better Oral Hygiene during Invisalign

One ironic aspect of metal braces is that the treatment meant to create a straighter and healthier smile actually interferes with your oral hygiene. Brackets and wires are sharp and obtrusive, blocking your toothbrush from reaching certain areas and destroying dental floss before it can do any work. As a result, many patients with traditional braces often invest in additional dental technology like water flossers to keep tooth decay and cavities at bay.

Lower Visibility Makes Treatment Less Obvious

You can't underestimate how noticeable traditional braces are when your smile is marred with metal brackets and wires. This is especially poignant for teens and adults who may want to enhance their teeth without broadcasting it to the world. Invisalign clear aligners virtually vanish against your teeth as you wear them. Our exclusive, BPA-free materials remain crystal clear so that even as you straighten your smile, you don't have to worry about how it looks.

Removability Makes It Easier to Eat

Anyone who's sought out traditional orthodontic treatments can attest to the long list of foods you need to avoid to keep from damaging your braces. This includes popular and healthy foods such as apples, carrots, other raw vegetables, and hard nuts like almonds and sticky candies. But since you may remove your Invisalign clear aligners when you eat, these restrictions no longer apply. As a result, you may continue enjoying a full range of foods during your treatment time.

Fewer Dental Appointments Save Time and Money

Many people are cost-conscious when it comes to orthodontic treatments because, in many cases, the costs come out of pocket. For example, when you have traditional braces, you must visit your orthodontist as frequently as once a month so they may tighten your wires. If you miss an appointment, your treatment goes off-track, and you won't complete it in the time allotted. This may lead to more visits and related costs. The Invisalign system includes a whole series of aligners, so that progress means simply moving to the next aligner, which may cut your number of dental visits in half.

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Invisalign clear aligners are convenient, discreet, removable, and require fewer dental visits. We are excited to share this option with anyone who wants a straighter smile. We encourage you to contact us at Gordon Dental Associates today to learn more.

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