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The Best Dental Whitening Comes from Your Dentist

December 29, 2021
Posted By: Gordon Dental Associates Team
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Wanting a beautiful bright white smile is a common goal, and for patients looking to brighten up their smiles quickly, tooth whitening products are a natural consideration. A short investigation of your local grocery store will likely reveal that there are dozens of whitening products to choose from, which may lead you to wonder what will produce the best results?

Results from store-bought whiteners vary. Some do work, but often not as well as patients would like.

Our advice is to skip the store and come in to visit your dentist. Professional teeth whitening can produce the results you are looking for better than any whitening kit you can purchase at the store. 

Choose Professional Teeth Whitening First

Our in-office teeth whitening will produce better results than any store-bought product containing only 3 to 20 percent whitening agents like hydrogen peroxide.

Our expertise allows us to safely administer a whitening treatment that can contain more than twice the amount of whitening agents. The whiteners we use cannot be bought at the store, so the only way to get the best results is to see your St. Augustine, FL cosmetic dentist.

Why Is Professional Dental Whitening Better?

Other than the higher concentration of whiteners, which will do more in less time, there are other benefits when choosing to whiten your teeth with your dentist. 

  • Professionally administered whitening reduces the risk of injury to teeth and gums
  • The results produced by in-office whitening treatment lasts longer
  • Professional whitening treatments reduce the risk of tooth sensitivity after whitening
  • When combined with a dental cleaning, the whitening agents work better

Teeth Whitening in St. Augustine, FL

If you are looking to revitalize your smile with whitening, look no further than the professional services of Gordon Dental Associates. Contact us today to schedule a time to come to the office for a cleaning and dental whitening.

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