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Is Invisalign Right for Me?

June 9, 2021
Posted By: Gordon Dental Associates
woman with Invisalign St. Augustine, FL

Many people are lucky enough to have braces while they’re young, but straight teeth remain out of reach until adulthood for just as many others. While orthodontia among adults used to be far less common, today, millions of middle-aged dental patients are unlocking the secret to straighter, healthier smiles with a bit of help from Invisalign clear braces. 

Invisalign Is Right for You!

Whether you never had braces as a child or your teeth slowly shifted out of alignment because you neglected your retainer (it happens all the time!), you can still achieve beautiful teeth as an adult. 

If you’re wondering if Invisalign in St. Augustine is a good fit for your needs and lifestyle, we’re here to tell you that the answer is probably yes! Most older teenagers and adults are excellent candidates for Invisalign, and Dr. Gordon or Dr. Hutson will happily meet with you for a convenient Invisalign evaluation right here in our dental office. 

Because you need to wear your Invisalign aligners for at least 22 hours each day to see results from your treatment, we encourage patients to consider this commitment before deciding to begin the Invisalign process. But, if you are dedicated to wearing your clear braces, you have good overall oral health, and you don’t have any significant dental complications, such as severe overcrowding or an extreme underbite or overbite, then Invisalign is likely right for you!

The Benefits of Invisalign

Invisalign clear braces are common among adults because they provide a minimal, discreet way to straighten teeth without interrupting daily routines. Professionals find that they can wear their clear aligners to business meetings and social events without drawing unwanted attention to their smiles, and parents love being able to enjoy snack time with their kids without the hassle and dietary restrictions that come with metal braces.

Invisalign braces are clear, thin, flexible, attractive, and removable—making them an excellent option for busy adults with different lifestyles.

At Gordon Dental Associates, we have a St. Augustine Invisalign dentist available to answer your questions and design your treatment plan. When you’re ready to begin your journey toward a straighter smile, give us a call at (904) 460-0999. 

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